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All-In-One Hand Control

The laparoscopic All-In-One Hand Control, with exclusive E-Z Clean PTFE coated laparoscopic electrodes, is the ultimate in laparoscopic surgical technology today.  The All-In-One Hand Control features tactile color-coded ergonomic switches which have been relocated for easier control.  With the simple movement of the finger, surgeons can now have on/off control of Aspiration / Irrigation and Cauterization.  The proximal switch activates a dual-valve for fluid delivery or maximum evacuation.  The distal switch gives control of Electrosurgical cut and coag.

The All-In-One Hand Control is complimented by a wide variety of coated laparoscopic electrodes.  Each of the All-In-One Laparoscopic Electrodes features a patented high-tech PTFE coating which reduces eschar build-up during surgery and the need for higher power settings.  E-Z Clean tips can easily be wiped clean on a sterile sponge, or often wash off when irrigation is applied, saving both time and money in the O.R.  Reduced eschar means a more consistent and cleaner cut at lower power settings and a clearer field of view.  And each All-In-One Laparoscopic Electrode lasts an entire case.


Each of the six Electrode configurations features a large bore design that facilitates more fluid volume and flow.  The All-In-One Hand Control has a unique electrode sheath which slides down easily over the electrode to provide pinpoint suction.  And all electrodes line up with a notch on the hand piece for easy positioning and repositioning of the Laparoscopic Electrode tip.


  • High-tech PTFE coating for reduced eschar buildup
  • Convenient cautery with suction and irrigation in one device
  • Lower power settings for safer delivery of electrosurgery
  • Eschar wipes clean with a sterile sponge saving time in the O.R.
  • Tips are cost-effective because they last an entire case
  • Sliding electrode sheath provides pinpoint suction
All-In-One Hand Unit


#0055 - All-In-One Hand Piece


All-In-One Laparoscopic Electode Tip Configurations

#0060 - L-Hook Electrode #0061 - Wire J-Hook Electrode
#0062 - Curved Electrode #0063 - Wire L-Hook Electrode
#0064 - Standard Electrode #0067 - Needle Electrode
#0080 - Wire L-Hook Electrode
38 cm Working Length
#0085 - Wire J-Hook Electrode
38 cm Working Length


E-Z Clean Cautery Blade for All-In-One Unit


MEGADYNE has also designed a Standard E-Z Clean Cautery Blade to fit the All-In-One Hand Control for easy opening and closing of surgical procedures, eliminating the need for an additional cautery pencil in the field.

#0066 - 2.5 Inch E-Z Clean Cautery Blade


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