Resposable Laproscopic Electrodes


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Resposable Laparoscopic Electrodes
Once again, MEGADYNE has applied their innovative design and technology to Laparoscopic surgery.  The results are new E-Z Clean Resposable Laparoscopic Electrodes - featuring Disposable E-Z Clean MegaTIPs and Reusable Indicator Shafts.  E-Z Clean Resposable Laparoscopic instruments provide excellent dissection and coagulation for a variety of laparoscopic applications, rendering surgical procedures cleaner, faster and safer.
Disposable MegaTIPs come in a variety of configurations including Curved Blade, L-Hook, J-Hook, L-Wire and Modified versions. E-Z Clean MegaTIPs easily attach to Indicator Shafts.  Rotating the tip or shaft clockwise until finger-tight ensures that a complete and safe electrical connection has been made, while a unique shaft-key secures the tip such that it will not twist or turn.
Each E-Z Clean MegaTIP easily wipes clean with a sterile sponge.  Reduced eschar build-up means a more consistent and cleaner cut at lower power settings with a lower risk of thermal necrosis - so healing is enhanced.
Reusable instruments are more cost-effective, but require cleaning and resterilization - and sterilization can degrade insulating material.  Indicator Shafts feature a patented dual insulation.  When the shaft insulation has been worn, nicked or cut, the yellow base insulation shows through, "indicating" the shaft should be discarded and replaced.
Reusable Indicator Shafts are sturdy, allowing direct tactile control of the Disposable MegaTIPs, and mastery over tough fibrotic tissue.
Resposable Laparoscopic Electrodes can be purchased to fit either hand control pencils or foot control cords, and fit 5mm trocar cannualae.  They can be ordered in either 32cm or 38cm working lengths.


Disposable MegaTIPs

  • MegaTIP design ensures tips are securely attached and will not rotate during surgery
  • High-tech PTFE coating for reduced eschar build-up easily wipes clean with a sterile sponge
  • Lower power settings for safer electrosurgery
  • Easily attaches to shaft by rotating until finger-tight - creating an electrically safe connection
  • E-Z Clean MegaTIPs are cost-effective when combined with the Reusable Indicator Shaft
  • MegaTIPs save time, and last an entire case

Reusable Indicator Shafts

  • Durable, easily cleaned and sterilized by standard and flash steam cycles, and ethylene oxide
  • Patented dual "indicator" insulation alerts nurses and physicians when shaft should be discarded and replaced - this minimizes the risk of an unintended burn due to stray current
  • Shafts fit 5mm trocar cannulae, and are available in 32cm and 38cm lengths
  • Available with a standard stem (for use with standard Electrosurgical Pencils) or a split stem (for use with standard Reusable Foot Cable Control) power connection configuration
Disposable MegaTIP Configuration

#0619 - Curved Blade  
#0620 - L-Hook #0620M - Modified L-Hook
#0621 - J-Hook #0621M - Modified J-Hook 
#0600 - L-Wire #0600M - Modified L-Wire


Reusable Indicator Shafts


Item #

32cm Reusable Indicator Shaft
32cm Reusable Indicator Shaft with Split Stem
38cm Reusable Indicator Shaft
38cm Reusable Indicator Shaft with Split Stem

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