LLETZ Loop Electrodes

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LLETZ Loop Electrodes
MEGADYNE's disposable LLETZ LOOP Electrodes are easy to use and will provide a precise specimen for examination.  Each LLETZ LOOP Electrode configuration delivers excellent 'CUT' characteristics for precise tissue excision.
The Electrode's stable 'Y' construction secures the fine tungsten wire loop, giving the Surgeon needed control during tissue excision.  Each Loop fits most cauterization pencils, but works especially well with MEGADYNE's Cost Effective Pencils.
  • Color-coded for easy Size and Shape Recognition
  • High-Quality at a Competitive Price
  • Disposable
  • Excellent 'CUT' and 'COAG' characteristics
  • Fine Tungsten Wire Loop
  • Stable 'Y' Construction
  • Full Insulation over all but the Distal Wire Loop
  • Fits most Standard Cautery Pencils

MEGADYNE Medical also manufactures accessory electrodes for histological tissue excisions. Ball Electrodes are used for coagulating large areas. They come in exclusive E-Z Clean PTFE coated tip or uncoated tip.

LLETZ Loops - Square - Shaft Length is 11.8 cm
LLETZ Loops - Round - Shaft Lengths are 11.8 cm
Accessory Electrodes
For Coagulating Large Areas
#0009 - 5 Inch E-Z Clean PTFE Coated Ball Electrode
#0300 - 5 Inch Uncoated Ball Electrode

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