MEGA 2000 Patient Return Electrode

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Out with the Old - Sticky, Adhesive Pads
The purpose of all patient return electrodes during electrosurgery is to safely exit current from the patient with minimal resistance and without heat build-up. Traditionally, return electrodes are attached to the patient using an adhesive gel.  Not only can the adhesive irritate the skin, the pad can peel-up and detach itself from the patient, increasing the likelihood of a burn.  Patients need to be shaved, and pads are often difficult to place.  Placement sites are also affected by the patient's body size, weight, skin and even health conditions.


MEGA 2000
In response, MEGADYNE, a "leader in innovation and cost control", has created a breakthrough in electrosurgical technology - the revolutionary MEGA 2000 Patient Return Electrode System. Instead of a small "sticky pad", the MEGA 2000 is a large pad (720 square inches) extending at least half the length and full width of any adult patient's torso.  Prior to surgerythe reusable pad is set on the operating room table, slipped in a plastic sheath, and covered with a linen sheet.  The patient simply lies on the MEGA 2000 pad to achieve full and safe electrical patient contact.  Even if the patient is in contact with only a small portion of the pad, safety prevails because the unique sandwiched pad design is a current limiting device - in short, the MEGA 2000 is the guardian of electrosurgical patient safety.




  • Significant Cost-Savings in the O.R. - the introduction of a safe and reusable patient return electrode to the operating room eliminates the need to dispose of a sticky, gel pad and cable after each case.  The MEGA 2000 System may be used in thousands of cases over it's warranted 18 month life - with up to a 70% savings in cost per procedure.

  • As safe as any monitoring pad in the medical industry - large size and capacitive "gatekeeper" design ensures patient safety.  Because the MEGA 2000 features a unique current limiting device, safety prevails - even if the patient is in contact with only a small portion of the pad.

  • Environmentally Friendly - because the pad is reusable, the overall quantity of waste is reduced.  The only thing disposed of with the MEGA 2000 is the sheath, which is discarded once per day.

  • Kinder to the Patient - the patient does not make direct skin contact with the MEGA 2000 pad, so tenting, gaping, and liquids that interfere with sticky, adhesive pads are not a problem.  And with no adhesive there are no patient skin irritations.

  • Easy set-up, no shaving - "as simple as making the bed"

  • Compatible with all major brands of isolated RF generators

  • Sheath allows for easy clean-up and provides a second layer of patient protection

  • Purchasing options and education programs available





MEGA 2000 Soft
Our new MEGA 2000 Soft meets the challenge of providing a safe return electrode while reducing the potential for Decubitus Ulcers in surgical procedures.It combines the MEGA 2000 patient return electrode technology with an O.R. table pressure reduction pad made with Akton® Polymer.  Akton is a proprietary, dry, viscoelastic polymer that effectively reduces pressure, shear, and friction; the three primary factors in the formation of Decubitus Ulcers.  The MEGA 2000 Soft is most appropriate for longer surgical and gynecological procedures.  It is also appropriate for patients who are older, obese, with fragile skin or poor circulation.


  • Incorporates the MEGA 2000 technology.  It is a safe, effective return electrode.
  • Made with Akton® Polymer.  Akton evenly distributes pressure, does not bottom out, and is a tissue equivalent material that reduces shear and friction.
  • Easy to use - combines two products into one.  The patient lies directly on the MEGA 2000 Soft patient return electrode pad.
  • Can be used as a stand alone O.R. table pressure reduction pad.

    MEGA 2000 Soft Dual Cord
    The MEGA 2000 Soft Dual Cord is a patient return electrode with two electrosugical connectors. This allows one pad to be used with two separate electrosurgical generators at the same time. The MEGA 2000 Soft Dual Cord offers the same safety and benefits as the MEGA 2000 Soft , but for two generators.


    MEGA 2000 Soft Dual Cord FEATURES 
    • Incorporates the MEGA 2000 soft features & in addition to it, it can be used along with two electrosurgical generators in an O.T.
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