Cautery Tips (Open Procedure)

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E-Z Clean Electrodes

Megadyne features a full line of cost-effective non-stick cautery tips for a variety of surgical procedures.  With more than two dozen tip configurations and sizes available, MEGADYNE E-Z Clean cautery tips are the choice for thousands of safety-conscious surgeons.  Standard tips include Blade, Needle, and Ball electrodes in a variety of lengths.  Megadyne Innovative Modified Tips are insulated over all but the distal 3-5mm of the electrode shaft, minimizing the likelihood of injury to surrounding tissue.  


  • High-tech PTFE coating for reduced eschar buildup
  • Lower power settings for safer delivery of electrosurgery
  • Eschar wipes clean with a sterile sponge saving time in the O.R.
  • PTFE coated tips maintain non-stick properties for an entire case


Coated Blade Electrodes

Standard Blade Electrode

Modified Blade Electrode

2.5 inch, Standard Blade Electrode
2.5 inch, Modified Blade Electrode
2.75 inch, Standard Blade Electrode
2.75 inch, Modified Blade Electrode
2.5 inch (6.4 cm), Standard Blade
4 inch, Modified Blade Electrode
6.5 inch, Standard Blade Electrode
6.5 inch, Modified Blade Electrode
6.5 inch (16.5 cm), Extended Blade
Coated Needle Electrodes

Standard Needle Electrode

Modified Needle Electrode

Blunt Needle Electrode



2.75 inch, Standard Needle Electrode
2.75 inch, Modified Needle Electrode
4 inch, Standard Needle Electrode
4 inch, Modified Needle Electrode
6.5 inch, Standard Needle Electrode
6.5 inch, Modified Needle Electrode
2.75 inch, Blunt Needle Electrode
2.75 inch, Modified Blunt Needle Electrode

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Coated Ball Electrodes

Standard Ball Electrode

5 inch, Ball Electrode
2 inch, Ball Electrode
Speciality Electrodes & Accessories

#0028 - Bayonet Needle Electrode          
#0028M - Modified Bayonet Needle Electrode

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