E-Z Pen Reusable Electrosurgical Pencil

» Product Information
E-Z Pen
Lightweight and ergonomically designed with a 10-foot, kink-resistant cord for easier, more comfortable handling, Megadyne's E-Z PEN reusable electrosurgical pencils are the only product on the market offering the patented E-Z CLEAN® non-stick tips allowing surgeons to make cleaner cuts safer and faster.  The E-Z CLEAN PTFE coating is proven to last longer than silicone and other coatings and beause it decreases thermal necrosis, cleaning is easier and less frequent.  Fewer blade cleanings mean surgeons can operate more efficiently and effectively.


  • 12-Use lifespan promotes cost efficiencies
  • Built-in count down mechanism and lock-out functionality maximizes safety
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design with kink-resistant cord for comfortable handling
  • E-Z Clean PTFE coating last longer and requires less cleaning than other coatings
» Mega Power and Accessories

12-use Count-Down mechanism

Safety Lockout after 12 uses

»Pencil Configurations

Rocker Switch Pencil

Button Switch Pencil

Rocker Switch Pencil with 10' cord/holster
Button Switch Pencil with 10' cord/holster
Rocker Switch Pencil with 15' cord/holster
Button Switch Pencil with 15' cord/holster


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