Patient Return Electrodes

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The Re-CORDable disposable patient return electrode with a reusable cable is a Safe, Cost-Effective alternative for gel type dispersive electrodes.  MEGADYNE brings the latest technology to Standard and Monitoring Style Patient Return Electrodes with cost effectiveness in mind.

Monopolar Electrosurgery is the most popular method to cut and coagulate tissue.  For electrosurgery, current must flow from an electrosurgical generator to the patient, and return back to the generator through a return electrode attached to the patient.

Cutting and coagulating occur at the active electrode tip where energy is highly concentrated.  Burns, however, do not occur at the patient return electrode because energy is dispersed over a large area under the pad.

MEGADYNE provides a line of Disposable Patient Return Electrodes and Reusable Cables in both Standard and Monitoring Styles to safely conduct the electosurgical energy away from the patient.


  • Disposable Pads and a Reusable Cable provide a cost effective product
  • Flexible foam backing prevents creasing and maintains integrity for easy removal
  • Soft hydrogel maintains complete contact over entire pad area, minimizing 'hotspots' to ensure patient safety
  • Monitoring Style pads allow quality of 'patient/return electrode' contact area to be monitored, minimizing possibility of electrosurgical burn
  • Re-CORDable Return Electrodes are solvent free for optimum skin compatibility
Disposable Monitoring-Style Return Electrodes

Re-CORDable Disposable Patient Return Electrode

#0855 - Adult Monitoring Style Return Electrode
#0865 - Pediatric Monitoring Style Return Electrode


Disposable Standard-Style Return Electrodes
Re-CORDable Disposable Patient Return Electrode

#0850 - Adult Standard Style Return Electrode
#0860 - Pediatric Standard Style Return Electrode

Re-CORDable Reusable Cables
#0870 - Re-CORDable Reusable Cable Standard Style

#0875 - Re-CORDable Reusable Cable Monitoring Style

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